Build a Bega Cheese Castle

Prep 10 mins / Cook 0 mins
Serves 6



  1. Lay out the cheese castle. Cut 31 x 2cm cheese squares and on a serving board, arrange 2 vertical lines of 7 of the cheese cubes to create the tall cheese tower. Arrange 2 vertical lines of 4 cheese cubes to create a smaller cheese tower, leaving a gap between the towers of around 6cm. Arrange 3 rows of 3 cheese cubes in the gap to join the towers together. Refer to the image for help on how it should look.

  2. Add the carrot roofs, door and clock. Cut four thin slices through the carrot lengthways. From three slices, cut a square, a triangle and a small circle. With the final slice, cut a castle ridge with three-square points. Place the castle ridge on top of the high cheese tower and then lay the circle on top of the top four cheese cubes to create a clock tower. Place the square in the middle of the bottom row of cheese cubes to create the door. Place the triangle on top of the smaller cheese tower to create the steeple.

  3. Add the cucumber drawbridge and flag. Cut two thin slices from the cucumber lengthways. Place one slice underneath the door of the castle to create the drawbridge. With the second slice, cut a small flag and place on top of the carrot triangle, and cut hands of the clock and place on top of the carrot circle.

  4. Serve the cheese castle with crackers and fruit for a fun snack for the kids!