'Sushi' Sandwich Rolls

Prep 5 mins / Cook 0 mins
Serves 2



  1. Place the slices of bread onto a chopping board or flat surface, and then flatten the bread slightly using a rolling pin.

  2. Arrange the turkey, avocado, carrot and Bega Stringers® in rows on the four slices of bread, leaving a 1 cm strip along one edge.

  3. Carefully roll the bread from the opposite edge of the clear strip
    to enclose the filling.

  4. Cut each roll in half and pack into a lunch container tightly to hold the sandwiches together and keep them fresh until lunch time. Use an icebrick or frozen drink bottle to keep your lunch cool.

Give the everyday sandwich a simple makeover for lunch boxes by rolling the bread slices into ‘sushi’ rolls. This easy little trick may be just the thing that inspires your little one to try something new for lunch.