Lunchtime Caterpillar

Prep 10 mins / Cook 24 mins
Serves 1



  1. First, slice 1 x 2mm pieces of cheese off the end of each Bega cheese stick. Use the end of a drinking straw to press into the cheese slice to create 2 small round ‘eyes’, repeat with the second slice and set aside for later.

  2. Next, slice each Bega stick into 6 cubes. De-seed the tomato and cut the firm flesh into 8 cubes equal in size to the cheese. Cut the cucumber and capsicum into 8 equal cubes.

  3. Thread each skewer in a pattern of cheese, tomato, cucumber and capsicum leaving room at the end for the cherry tomato head. Repeat, and finish with a cube of cheese. Push a cherry tomato on the top to cover the end. Cut the tip off the sharp end of the skewer. Repeat with the remaining skewers and remaining ingredients.

  4. To create the face, completely dry the cherry tomato with paper towel and use the end of a skewer to dot on two spots of mayonnaise. Carefully stick the cheese rounds onto the mayonnaise to create your eyes – you can stick optional cucumber eyes on top to create a more realistic looking critter!